A downloadable game

Requires HTC Vive

Experience disc golf (aka frolf) like never before! Take a sneak peak at our first course The Badlands. How good is your throw?

- 3 holes from The Badlands
- Hold trigger to pick up disc
- Swing and release trigger to throw
- Press and hold the trackpad to view your score

Coming soon to Steam
- Local/Online multiplayer
- Customize your disc
- Many SUPER new holes
- Improved physics simulation
- A tired arm


Super Disc Golf.zip 185 MB


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UPDATE: Sorry for being MIA, life gets crazy sometimes. I became busy with work and SDG fell to the wayside. I am in the process of firing up yee ole project from the ground up.

Some top level plans in the works;
    - User generated content (aka in VR course editor), this might require a massive visual overhaul.
    - Networked and local multiplayer.
    - Overhauled physics simulation, got to find that perfect balance between realism and arcade. Think extreme mini putt, in VR, with discs.
    - An interactive caddy with a fun personality, and a lot of functionality. Cecil from ReBoot might be an inspiration.

Expect an official announcement late spring/early summer.

Not available on Windows?

  • Any updates on this in the past 2 months?

Life has slowed development a bit. SDG is currently a side project. That could change in the future. However, we have been trekking along.

Thanks for the update. Good luck on your projects !

Great game! Felt like i was getting pretty good at it after playing it for a while!

Makes so much more sense than golf games and its a lot of fun!

Also love that you allowed playing "outside the bounds" to some degree (standing on the mountains and stuff like that)

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I really enjoyed this! I like how i could make a forehand or backhand curve the directions I expected. I was able to ace a few of the holes. I can't wait to play a bunch more holes, and playing this multiplayer would be great.

I would love it if there are different TYPES of disks - drivers, mid range, putters that have different flight characteristics. Would like for instance a power forehand shot to do an S curve. Right now it seems pretty darn easy to throw REALLY hard - maybe tone it down so that people have to throw harder to throw further?

I know I don't have room in my play space to do an x step but it would be fun to need a little more whip to have the velocity.

Really great, i will buy this day one.

edit - additionally there are a couple situations where you can get stuck in bizarre locations. There should be OOB zones that either have a drop or require a rethrow like you do for water - or I can get stuck on top of a stone archway and any movement i do makes the disk fall out of my hand. A couple times just had to lob it underhand backwards from on top of a mountain which felt odd.

Thank you for your detailed feedback. This prototype/demo was the result of a 3 day game jam. We are continuing development and will be making an announcement soon.

Currently our physics simulation accounts for the weight and size of the discs, so we will have different types of discs in our next release.

We are also doing a lot of work with bounds/hazards/locomotion.

We will be making an official announcement regarding a Steam release soon!!

Thanks again :)

Just played it and had a lot of fun, thanks!


Glad you enjoyed it! Stay tuned for updates

Damnn I wish I saw this game sooner! Even though it's just a sneak peak, I've already had a few hours of fun. Please continue working on this and take my money ASAP

Glad you enjoyed it! We are working towards a summer release on Steam. Stay tuned for more updates.

Played the game a few times through, it is pretty awesome. If you need a beta tester let me know. Have you thought about having a disc selection?


The build you played is an early prototype. We have plans for different disc types. The current physics simulation takes radius (surface area) and mass into account.

I will make a note to ping you when we enter the next phase of testing.

Cheers :)

Hey! Game seems cool but I I can't play the game, all I get it this:


and I don't even get the usual unity launcher or whatever that is where you select resolution etc. Help?

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The game requires an HTC Vive and Steam VR. What you are seeing is the camera positioned on the ground (default position).

By default a Steam VR build does not include the launcher.

I tagged the project with HTC Vive and Virtual Reaity. I should have made it more clear that those are the requirements.

If you are using a Vive and seeing this then there must be another issue.


I feel a little stupid:D

Thanks for reply though! Shame I can't try your game, seems cool.